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Fresh 48 Films

Our children grow before our eyes, and oh do they grow so quickly. It always amazes me how much a baby grows in their first year of life especially. Even after the first few weeks, they change so much. 

 It can be hard to find the time to remember to capture video and images. You are busy changing diapers, feeding the baby, and getting your family in a new rhythm. I am excited to be able to capture some of those first sweet moments for you to look back on forever. I also love to capture mom with her new little baby. So often as moms we are the ones behind the camera and moms deserve to be documented too. 

Fresh 48 Films are normally captured within the first 48 hours of a little one's life. However, I often film these within the first few weeks if you prefer to have a little more time to get settled. I come to your home or the hospital (depending on restrictions) and film for up to two hours. You will receive a two-minute film and photos from this session. 

Fresh 48 Films
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Family Films

With each busy day that passes by it's hard to remember to document and be mindful of the moments. Often our favorite memories are moments we create every day, reading books to our children, cooking dinner together, or playing outside.  I am offering family films to help you remember your favorite small moments that build your everyday life. You and your family can watch back these films for years to come.


I will spend around three hours with your family documenting either a morning, afternoon or evening with your family. You will receive your own family film and images to cherish for the years to come.