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Birth Photography

It is an honor to be a witness at birth and to capture beautiful birth stories by documenting the moments in photographs. 


I will arrive at your house as you labor at home. I will then join you on your journey either in the home, at the hospital, or in a birth center as you welcome a new life into your heart and family. I will stay and capture your first moments snuggling your new little one. 






Kearny Nebraska Photographer Fresh 48

Fresh 48

If you want the first precious moments of your babies life documented, a fresh 48 session may be right for you. You call and let me know your new bundle has arrived and we can make arrangements for me to capture those sweet snuggles within 48 hours.

Day in the life.

My favorite photos have always been the ones that capture the moments and not a pose. When Invited into your home I will spend up to two hours with your family capturing real memories. Anywhere from making pancakes for breakfast, snuggling, or playing games in the front yard. 

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